At a time when the States are engaging in a proactive policy for energy and ecological transition and the national strategy is moving towards carbon neutrality, the mobilisation of all stakeholders for transport and logistics is sought through a systemic and coordinated approach.

The aim of this research project is to formalise recommendations for companies and public players at the territorial and organisational levels in order to drive, encourage and support the various players towards a reduction in transport CO₂ emissions. Academic researchers, economic and public actors, and civil society (collectives, associations, professional federations) will be present to exchange views on the various fields of study.


Program EVE

The Voluntary Commitments for the Environment (VCE) programme supports companies in reducing the energy and environmental impact of their transport and logistics activities.


The process is based on three voluntary commitment mechanisms:

  • Objectif CO₂ for goods and passenger transporters, which can be co-managed by ADEME, the National Federation of Road Transport (FNTR), the National Federation of Passenger Transport (FNTV), the Confederation of Wholesale and International Trade (CGI), the European Road Transporters' Organisation (OTRE), the Union of Transport and Logistics Companies of France (TLF) and the company Eco CO₂


  • FRET21 for shippers, which can be co-sponsored by ADEME, the Association of Freight Transport Users (AUTF) and Eco CO₂.


  • EVCOM for freight forwarders, which can be co-sponsored by ADEME, FNTR, OTRE, Union TLF and Eco CO₂.


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