Scientific Committee


Gisèle BILEK

Associate Professor at the IAE Business School of Pau University (UPPA)

After a five-year professional career in the automotive industry and a doctoral thesis at the Dauphine University PSL, her areas of specialization include operations management, supply chain management, global logistics and mobility, Digitization and smart transportation. Participatory action research has been applied for case based research in several fields like food industry, automotive industry, energy, public transport policies. After a research semester at MIT, she scientifically coordinated two research projects (funded by the ADEME) on the analysis of collaboration and cooperation of stakeholders within a coercive or voluntary programs for carbon emissions reduction in transportation.


Richard CALVI

Prof. Dr. Habil at IAE Savoie Mont-Blanc (USMB France, Annecy)

He is member of the IREGE research center, and his major interests are purchasing strategies, supply chain management, new product development process and strategy. His academic work has been published in Industrial Marketing Management, R&D Management, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management… and in the main French academic journals. He is a member of the IPSERA associations, AIRL-SCM, and he is the co editor of Excellence HA journal for the French Purchasers National council (CNA). He direct a Master degree specialised in Purchasing and Logistic at USMB.



PhD student at the IAE Business School of Pau University (UPPA)

She studied logistics and purchasing for 5 years, at the University of Savoy Mont-Blanc (USMB), including 1 year in Norway, learning international logistics. After a few years working as a purchaser, she started a doctoral thesis on blockchain applied to supply chain. Her areas of specialization include digitization, supply chain management, and purchasing.



Associate Professor in Business Management at the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations (DEMS)

He is Vice-president of the CED4 System Dynamics Group. He has a PhD in Business and Administration (University of Catania, Italy) and a Master Phil. in System Dynamics (University of Bergen, Norway). Since 2007, he is a board member of the International PhD program in “Model Based Public Planning, Policy Design, and Management ” (in collaboration with the Universities of Bergen and Nijmegen) at the University of Palermo. Since 2016 coordinates the Transport Special Interest Group of the System Dynamics Society. 

Professor Bivona's work focuses on performance management systems and policy design in private and public organisations. He uses the System Dynamics methodology to make explicit cause-and-effect relationships between relevant variables underlying the investigated phenomena and to build simulation models to support stakeholders and decision makers to test and implement sustainable long-term strategies. Research projects in the public management context ranged from education, public health to transportation issues. More recently he investigated multi-sided platforms business models through the lens of the System Dynamics methodology. In such a context, he was responsible of a 3-yr National Research Projects (2016-2018) on how multi-sided platforms can contribute to make transportation operators more efficient and competitive, and to increase social and environmental sustainability in urban areas. He also gained growing expertise in working with multiple stakeholders and assisting organisations in designing their own policies and outlining consistent programmes to link strategy and implementation. He has written several articles and two books on how to design and introduce management control systems in organisations to influence the management and governance of such firms as well as, ultimately, their performance.


Associate Professor at the IUT de Sceaux of Paris-Saclay University

In 2019, he defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Rennes 1 on the theme of the impact of the location strategy on CO2 emissions related to the transport of goods with a focus on the food industry. During his thesis, he carried out a research semester at the John Molson School of Business (JMSC), Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). In 2020, he completed a one-year of post-doctorate at the Pau University (UPPA) on the theme of coordination and cooperation of supply chain actors for sustainable transport.

Daniel ERHEL

Associate Professor at the University of Savoy Mont-Blanc (USMB)

Daniel Erhel is a member of the IREGE research center, and his major interests are in supply chain management, transport management, and logistics IT systems. Simultaneously he has been a consultant for his own enterprise since 2000, before this he was a managing director in a 3PL company. In collaboration with others researchers, he published articles about transport in French revue.